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9th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 25-28, 2018

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

What Is New This Year?


Much is new with the 2018 Winter Adventure Weekend!

❆ 201 Field Trips. A new record!

❆ Participants may now register for up to three trips on Friday!

❆ New Field Trip: Wilburn Cave Trip. Returning from Crawlathon

❆ New Field Trip: The Art of Cave Photography

❆ New Field Trip: Girls Only Caving Trip

❆ New Field Trip: Mountain Biking. Both beginner and advanced trips

❆ New Field Trip: Canoe Camping 101

❆ New Field Trip: Hearth and Home Primitive Skills

❆ New Field Trip: Story of the Cave

❆ New Field Trip: Practicing L.N.T. with Winter Recreation and Caving

❆ Carter City Connection Cave Trip is now offered on Friday

❆ New Merchandising Item: USB Power Bank and Phone Stand

❆ New Merchandising Item: Multi-Functional Head Wear

❆ Thursday Night Presentation: Thru-Hiking The Buckeye Trail. Presented by Andy Niekamp.

❆ Friday Night Keynote Presentation: 10 Days, 5 Volcanoes: The Trek to 17,000 Feet. Presented by Colin Gatland.

❆ Pre-Registration Ends at January 25 at 12:30 pm.

❆ Onsite-Registration Begins at January 25 at 12:30 pm ONLY in lodge during registration hours. Computers provided.