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11th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 23-26, 2020

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

Welcome Adventurers!


Photo Credit: Toril Lavender

The next Winter Adventure Weekend is January 27-30, 2022.

The 2021 Winter Adventure Weekend Is Cancelled.

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the cancellation of the 2021 Winter Adventure Weekend at Carter Caves State Resort Park.

With folks coming from 11 different states, some as far away as California, and volunteers from nearly that many states, it would be impossible to ensure the safety of everyone involved given the current global situation with the novel Coronavirus, Covid-19.

We have spent literally the last 10 months, beginning as early as the month after the 2020 event, watching the progression of this virus and the changes in response and policies surrounding it. We were hoping that we would find the window of opportunity to not only justify having the event, but to make it safe for everyone involved. As we sit here this early November, and seeing the way that this pandemic is playing out as we go into the winter months, it is just impossible for us to see a way to make it safe. As with anything we do, the safety of our visitors will always be the most important thing to us.

We understand that this decision will meet everyone with mixed feelings. This event has been such a huge part of not only our life, but our volunteers and for many of our participants for nearly 40 years!

With that said, this event has been, if nothing else, resilient throughout the years, having overcome snow storms, power outages, water outages, complete revamp due to cave closures due to White Nose Syndrome, and has ALWAYS come back, every time, bigger and better! So that is the task at hand now for us. To listen to our participants, and our AMAZING “Staph” to plan for the future, because while this might be a bump in the road, it certainly is not THE end of the road, only a chance for us to come back in the future….bigger, and most assuredly… BETTER!