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10th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 24-27, 2019

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky



Try Slacklining!

What is slacklining? Slacklining is a practice in balance that typically uses nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Many people suggest slacklining is distinct from tightrope walking in that the line is not held rigidly taut (although it is still under some tension); it is instead dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a long and narrow trampoline. The line's tension can be adjusted to suit the user, and different types of webbing can be used to achieve a variety of feats. The line itself is usually flat, due to the nature of webbing, thus keeping one's footing from rolling as would be the case with an ordinary rope. Slacklining has quickly become popular due to its simplicity and versatility and its ability to be practiced in a variety of environments. Those who participate in slacklining are often called "slackers".

Trip Day Time Trip Name Trip
Level Limit Hours Spots
24Friday1:30pmSlacklining & The Sarlac
 2121 hrDrop In
32Friday2:30pmSlacklining & The Sarlac
 2121 hrDrop In
43Friday3:30pmSlacklining & The Sarlac
 2121 hrDrop In
97Saturday10:00amSlacklining & The Sarlac
 1101 hrDrop In
113Saturday11:00amSlacklining & The Sarlac
 1101 hrDrop In
133Saturday1:00pmSlacklining & The Sarlac
 1101 hrDrop In
153Saturday2:00pmSlacklining & The Sarlac
 1101 hrDrop In
169Saturday3:00pmSlacklining & The Sarlac
 1101 hrDrop In
183Saturday4:00pmSlacklining & The Sarlac
 1100.5 hrsDrop In