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10th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 24-27, 2019

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

All Thursday Field Trips


List of all Thursday field trips and descriptions.

Thursday 1:30pm    Pine TreePine TreePine Tree   
Trip #1: Geomorphology Hike I: Horn Hollow - Level: 3 - Duration: 3.5 hours - Limit: 15 people - 6 Spots Open

A hike to view surfaces features and topology shaped by karst processes in Horn Hollow and the lower portion of the Valley of the Caves. Horn Hollow is a hanging karst valley that is the last major side valley of the Valley of the Caves before it's junction with Tygart's Gorge. The trip will look at sinkholes, pits, cave entrances, swallow holes and resurgences and how these features were shaped by the development of caves in Horn Hollow over time.

Meets at lodge. Transportation required.

Thursday 1:30pm    Pine TreePine Tree    Crawling Cave Tour
Trip #2: Cascade Gone Wild - Level: 2 - Duration: 3 hours - Limit: 20 people - 7 Spots Open

Cascade Cave has been developed for commercial tours, but the fun begins when you head into the darkness and leave the tourist route behind. Participant will get a chance to walk the commercial routes and enjoy the formations along with scrambling over breakdown, attempting some duck walking, and experiencing some hand and knee crawls. Cascade is one of the largest caves found at park, and in my opinion, this tour is one of the best ways to appreciate its size. This tour, unlike the commercial tour, will cause some of those assorted aches and pains associated with caving.

You need: Helmet, Chin Strap, Headlamp, 2 Extra Lights, Ankle-High Boots, Knee Pads, Gloves And More.

Meets at lodge. Transportation required.

Thursday 1:30pm    Pine Tree   
Trip #3: The Art of Cave Photography - Level: 1 - Duration: 3 hours - Limit: 15 people - 7 Spots Open

Come join us for a unique photography opportunity as Parham P Baker of Photo ShareShops offers a hands on workshop on cave photography. Spend 2 1/2 hours photographing the amazing formations and stream of Cascade Cavern. Lighting will be provided but bring your DSLR, tripod, a couple of small flashlights with fresh batteries and a cable release and learn how to get the best images in the darkest of places. This is best suited for intermediate to advanced photographers with interchangeable lens cameras.

Meets at lodge. Transportation required.

Thursday 2:30pm    Pine Tree    Walking Cave Tour
Trip #4: A Visit to Cascade Cave - Level: 1 - Duration: 2 hours - Limit: 60 people - 60 Spots Open

Cascade Cave is one of the largest of over 200 caves in Carter County and is noted for its large chambers and numerous cave formations. Set your sights on the reflecting pool in the Lake Room, and the geologic diversity of the Cathedral Room. Finally entice yourself with our majestic 30-feet high underground waterfall. This is a commercially lit walking tour of the cave.

You need: Old Clothes, Flashlight, Extra Batteries, Ankle-High Shoes, Gloves And More.

Meets at Welcome Center. Transportation required.

Thursday 2:30pm    Pine Tree   
Trip #5: All about Oaks - Level: 1 - Duration: 1.5 hours - Limit: 15 people - 12 Spots Open

Ever seen that acorn tree? Have you been searching to long? Well that is because acorns come from Oak trees not Acorn trees. There are many Oak species found at Carter Caves and they provide many benefits to the animals and the forest in which they reside. Discover how to distinguish between the different species of oaks and find out why wildlife seem to hover around white oaks over other species of oaks.

Meet at lodge. No transportation required.

Thursday 3:30pm    Pine Tree   
Trip #7: Yoga in the Cave - Level: 1 - Duration: 2 hours - Limit: 20 people - 14 Spots Open

Continue your winter adventure and trek underground for a refreshing all-levels yoga practice in the stunning Cascade Cave! Rejuvenate your mind and body as you are guided through standing and seated yoga postures, along with breathing exercises that will renew your entire being. What an exclusive experience here at Carter Caves and an incredible investment in your health! All levels are welcomed in this practice. Previous yoga experience is not required. Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in (jeans not recommended), and be prepared for temperature around 55 degrees. Layers recommended. Your body temperature will fluctuate during the practice. Bring a yoga mat and a large beach towel or blanket to put underneath the yoga mat. You will want the towel or blanket to be larger than your mat so that you have room for your belongings. The cave floor consists of rock and dirt and may be damp or muddy in areas. The cave floor is mostly flat; however, there are some uneven areas. Hollie Hall, RN, RYT-200 will be guiding the practices. Hollie is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance obtained through the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Studio 8 in Huntington, WV. She is currently enrolled in Asheville Yoga Center?s RYT-300 program, and works at Eternal Yoga and Pilates in Ashland, KY. Hollie Hall is a Huntington, WV native and currently resides in South Point, Ohio with her husband, George, two sons, Elijah and Nate, and mother-in-law, Barbara.

Meets at Lodge. Transportation required.

Thursday 4:30pm    Pine Tree    Indoor Program
Trip #8: Backcountry Cooking 101 - Level: 1 - Duration: 1 hour - Limit: 50 people - Drop In

Drop in. Spend some time discussing some of the best and worst back country stoves out there today. We will discuss recipes and will try out a few of our favorites. Come with an open mind and an empty stomach.

Meets in the Fields Facility. No transportation required.

Thursday 6:30pm    Pine Tree   
Trip #9: Star Gazing - Level: 1 - Duration: 1.5 hours - Limit: 15 people - Trip Full

Join us for stargazing and learn more about the night sky! January is one of the best times to observe the night sky, with bright constellations, various nebulae, and star clusters to observe. You'll learn about various objects in the night sky, how to locate them, and their significance in time and space. A few binoculars and telescopes will be provided, but feel free to bring your own...just leave your flashlight behind! If you are scared of the dark then this is not the trip for you!

Meets at lodge. No transportation required.

Thursday 7:00pm    Pine Tree    Indoor Program
Trip #10: Modern Adventures on Two Wheels - Level: 1 - Duration: 1 hour - Limit: 100 people - Drop In

Modern Adventures on two wheels, achieving fitness while exploring the world on a bicycle. Join the speaker in a presentation on the merits of using cycling as a tool to explore the world. Eastern Kentucky Native Jonathon Lewis has focused his travels the last few years on opportunities to incorporate cycling into the adventures. He finds fantastic experiences regardless if traveling the backroads of Eastern Kentucky, or across the ocean and into central Europe.

Meets in Fields Facility of lodge. No transportation required.